Heaven four steps from the sea!

Enclosed by a series of mountains and hills and buried in the green of the ‘Taggiasco’ olive groves, Prelà (Petralata from the Latin Pietra larga (wide stone), from the Greek pietra sporgente(protruding stone) looks like a great amphitheatre opening towards the sea. Built on the river Prino, along which it is not uncommon to come across stone bridges, lost and forgotten, dating back to Medieval times. It is an area which, through the years, has preserved the very things which have characterized it: its respect for nature, its rural economy and the ability to take advantage of the surrounding land. The expanse of ‘Taggiasco’ olive trees (the local olive variety) and the cultivation of mimosa, fern and broom are clearly the driving forces behind the local economy. To this, over the years, has been added tourism which has contributed to keeping alive the land, pushing the administrators to improve and optimise the services. The Municipality of Prelà, of which there are 7 hamlets, is full of all the characteristics which tourists love about Liguria: the ‘carrugi’ – typical Ligurian dark, narrow streets winding through towns and villages, ancient mule tracks, domed and vaulted ceilings, ancient mills powered by water or animal, country walks, horse trekking and mountain biking, trout fishing and bathing in the pools along the river. To say nothing of the various examples of architecture to be found throughout the entire area, seen at their best in the churches and chapels ‘lost’ and scattered throughout the valley. All those who come to stay, explore or visit Prelá leave with a profound sense of peace and well being.

Directions by car:
take the A10 motorway and exit at Imperia Ovest
Follow directions for Piani – Dolcedo – Prelà

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