novelli-tavoleor ‘Tore’ reveals a place rich in woods where the carpenters once obtained the planks to build the houses and also the boats at the mouth of the river Prino. At 473m from the sea, it is an important tourist landmark thanks to its location, buried in the countryside, which boasts a lively atmosphere to accompany the long summer evenings. The focal point of the semi-mountainous village is the church of the S.S. Annunziata, in the Baroque style, which proudly carries the signature of the renowned Ligurian architect, Giacomo Filippo Marvaldi. To be found inside is the ‘polittico'(an altarpiece consisting of more than three panels set with paintings or carvings) of Casanova and the prestigious organ of Ciurlo and Roccatagliata, renowned makers of classic organs. Tavole is composed of three hamlets: Villa Oreggi, at the entrance of the village with its chapel dedicated to San Carlo Borromeo; Novello, to the upper left of the main square, this, too, with its chapel of St Rocco; and lastly, found even further up to the right of the square, Revelli, with its chapel built in honour of San Benedetto Revelli.

To see:
the plateau dedicated to the patron saint Madonna del Piano on the high ground of the village, the shrine dedicated to Saint Marta, patron saint of harvests and finally, the Passo della Pistuna, with its characteristic octagonal church of the same name dedicated to the Madonna del Laghet. No less important, a little below the plateau of the Madonna del Piano, is the villa, Casa in Pietra, (‘Stone House’) built by the famous architects, Herzog and De Meuron. A modern building built in the local Ligurian stone. Other attractions include places of pagan worship and miles of trekking with wonderful panoramas.