valloria (23)
is a village difficult to ignore. Notable due to its position, perched at a height almost allowing it to watch over the entire valley, it has kept, over the years, the typical characteristics of a Ligurian village: its ‘carrugi’ (Ligurian narrow streets), loggias and the windows facing the sea. The village lies on the edge of the main square where the church stands, built in the late 600s, dedicated to San Sebastiano, San Gervasio and San Protasio. A quiet and peaceful place thanks to the stillness of the area punctuated only by the rhythmical movements of the swaying olive groves.

To see:
Known throughout the world as ‘the village of the painted doors’ amongst which can be found some by well-known artists. In addition, the ethnographic museum (found inside the Santa Croce chapel) where one can admire the tools, traditions and cultures of times gone by. No less important, inside the main church, the ‘polittico’ (an altarpiece consisting of more than three panels set with paintings or carvings) created in 1523 by the Ligurian masters, Agostino Casanova and Stefano Adrechi.