The way of the Four Bridges
2_Prelà - Armella - Arbareo

Distance: 6km
Height gain: _+200m
Duration: 2h 30m
From the Town Hall of Prelà, take the main road in the direction of Valloria/Tavole. After the first bridge continue along the tarmac until the first turning. At this point take the the mule track which heads in the direction of Valloria. Continue along the track until the next turning and then turn onto the dirt road on the right. Carry on until you reach a path on the left which, shortly afterwards, leads to a stone bridge (Armella). Pass the bridge and rejoin the mule track until, once again, it reaches the dirt road. Here, go down to the right and follow the road, coming first to the Arbareo bridge before arriving at Cannetto Soprano. As you return to the tarmac road, take the mule track which goes down to the right towards the church and then on to Canneto Sottano. On the right, carry on towards the Ponte Canevai along the footpath which leads to Mulino Cisco and finally, Prelà.


Percorso VIOLA