Hiker in ground Taggiasca
1_Giro della Val Prino

Distance: 10km
Height gain: +_ 400m
Duration: 4h
From the Town Hall of Prelà, take the main road to Valloria/Tavole. After the first bridge, turn left and then, after about 100m, turn right along the mule track which winds through the olive groves. Near Costiolo, rejoin the road. Continue climbing to the top of the road, passing in front of the little church of San Bernardo. Once out of the village, turn left and then right to rejoin the mule track, following it until Valloria. In the church square, take the track in the direction of San Giuseppe and arriving at the Santuario, continue to the right to find the track leading to the rural church dedicated to the Madonna del Piano. Once in Tavole, follow the road in the direction of Villa Talla. Shortly before entering the village, take the road on the right which goes down through the olive groves towards the valley bottom. Continue going down until you reach the bridge over the Rio Arbareo. From here, it proceeds on the level until you reach Borgata di Canneto. Returning to the main road, carry on towards Praelo, Case Carli and finally, Prelà.

Percorso ROSSO